16 - 22 Settembre, Roma

Luciano De Propris

I have always been interested in entrepreneurship, I have studied engineering by passion. Researcher and project manager from 2001 to 2006 in the field of innovative technologies for industry and the environment. After managerial activities for large companies since January 2009 I carry out professional activities in the field of strategic and business consulting, primarily focusing on product management, digital transformation and CSR… Convinced that I can change the world, I remain always curious and passionate about interpersonal relationships. My favorite sectors are food, fashion, manufacturing and energy utilities. I have deepened the Lean and Agile methodologies, Industry 4.0 and Social Innovation always with the aim of pursuing a proper balance in business as well as in private life. The study for me is a way of being and is summarized in two acronyms Learning by Doing and Long Life Learning. During my trip, I was accompanied first by a doctorate and then by MBA in Business Innovation Management, as well as numerous courses and specializations. Author of numerous technical-scientific and popular publications in the CSR, Innovation, Energy and Sustainability fields.

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