Rome Future Week®

11/17 September 2023

Rome Future Week®
the first widespread festival
dedicated to the future in the capital

The Roman ecosystem as a protagonist of the future under one brand.
Do you want to be part of it?

Are you an innovator? Do you have a company or an association? Do you work in universities, institutions, research centres or public or private organisations that look to the future? Bring your organisation to Rome Future Week®

Rome Future Week®
the agenda of events to take part in

The agenda of Rome Future Week® will be made by the participants. By those realities, both public and private, that develop projects and solutions oriented towards change, with a focus on the main issues concerning the future. 

Propose your initiative to take part in this billboard which, like the most important “diffuse events” in the world, aims to animate the whole city: event spaces, university lecture halls, offices, coworking and informal spaces.

Rome Future Week®


Generating growth and impact through enterprise, work, innovation, networks, internationalisation.


Creating connections through efficient infrastructure, sustainable transport, smart cities and direct community involvement.


Promoting a humanism based on the care of physical and mental health, through art, culture, education, dialogue on inclusion, rights and diversity.


Creating engaging experiences through places and flavours, using play and entertainment, innovating places and interaction in retail

The thematic areas of
Rome Future Week®

Rome Future Week® has identified 4 macro thematic areas, each representing the many sectors where innovation is needed today. We would like the candidate events to contribute to bringing out Rome in all its most innovative souls

Who absolutely must join
Rome Future Week®

If your company is engaged in one of the great challenges of the future, Rome Future Week is the right opportunity to organise an event that can connect you to the social fabric, make your reality known and open the doors of your spaces, becoming a reference for the city!

Do you have an innovative project that you think could have an impact on our future? Do you feel the need to expand your audience and meet an audience of people interested in actively contributing? Organise your initiative during Rome Future Week and connect with the capital’s vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Are you a researcher? Are you part of a dynamic team that continuously experiments and want to make your activity known to a wider audience? Open the doors of your laboratory to involve people, users, colleagues and give prestige and visibility to your university. Associate yourself with a future-oriented brand by nominating an initiative in our poster.

Are you a public office or government agency? Do you follow digital transformation and innovation projects that have an impact on the daily lives of citizens and businesses? Are you following a European project to be disseminated to a widespread network of stakeholders? Rome Future Week is the festival that, with a dynamic and future-oriented brand, can help you spread your values. Apply now.

Take part in the collective narrative of the first festival dedicated to the future of Rome. Get innovative content, tell the future and help spread the word about the many initiatives in the area during the capital’s most forward-looking week.

Are you the head of a company that innovates and wants to change the rules of your industry?
Organising your event can be the right opportunity to stand out in the field, establish partnerships and present your company’s countless opportunities to customers, partners and prospects during the capital’s most future-oriented week.

Do you have a location and want to organise an open day? Do you think your location is suitable for organising one of the Rome Future Week events? Contact us now for a call.

Why a festival on
the future in Rome?

Rome, the eternal city with a history stretching back thousands of years, has always been described as one of the most fascinating places in the world. But there is one aspect of the capital that is often overlooked: its visionary nature.

Visionary Rome is made up of companies, businesses and organisations that enable through innovation as a driving force for growth and progress.

Would you like to find out how you can contribute and propose an initiative within our programme of events?

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